Everything you see on Musings and Wanderings are my own thoughts, opinions and images unless otherwise stated below or at the time of posting.

As this is a lifestyle + literature blog, and I work in publishing, I plan to be as open and as transparent as possible. My blog posts are not influenced by my employer, unless explicitly stated. Therefore, all opinions are my own. I also work with other publishers, both Australian and internationally, in exchange for free books, and any post will be stated as such.

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I am open to sponsored posts, and any collaborations will be disclosed as such. Each of these posts will feature their own disclaimer at the end, notifying the reader that the content was created in collaboration with a bran, company or individual.


Musings & Wanderings is partnered with a few different affiliate marketing companies,  including Social Soup, Tribe,. You might notice product links in posts, which means if you purchase from these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Everything linked is a product and/or company that I use regularly.

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I am currently not open to book review requests of any kind. Please do not email me a book review request after reading this as I will not respond.

I enjoy a wide range of books, including and not limited to young adult of all genres, psychological thrillers, women’s fiction (including chick lit and contemporary romance) and non fiction (including humour and self help). For a better picture of what I love to read, I highly recommend checking out my Goodreads profile.

I currently schedule posts 2-3 weeks in advance, with a turn around time of approximately 3-6 weeks. Please note that I have an incredibly busy schedule and back log, however if we work together, I am happy to discuss suitable timelines.

If I haven’t scared you off (yet!) and you’d love to work and/or collaborate with me on a project, I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me!

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